Custom package reusable whiskey stones gold

Stainless steel whiskey stone

          Whiskey ice cubes made from 304 food grade stainless steel, function to reduce temperature of drinks cooling them. It can be reusable, and retains the cold of your drinks for a longer time without diluting them. To get the desired results, you just need to hold the bullet shaped ice cube under running water for them to be slightly damp and keep them in the freezer for a period of 1-2 hours. Three to four of frozen whisky stone are better to be used per drink for maximum enjoyment.


- Food grade one, BPA free, FDA approved and 100% Eco-friendly
- Contain a food grade chilling gel that becomes frozen, in the center of each cube, allowing for extended chilling time and minimal freezing time (1-2 hrs.)
- Reusable – Will last forever
- Durable – Contain anti-bacterial and anti-rust properties
- Easy to clean – Dishwasher safe
- Easy to store – Comes with a nice little drawstring pouch, that can easily fit in any freezer
- Odorless, Tasteless
- Light Weight – About the same as an ICE CUBE the same size
- Look great in your glass
- Can be used in any beverage – Use them as scotch rocks or ICE CUBE, in your beer, water, protein shakes, pop or juice
- Do not cross contaminate or retain smells and tastes from other items surrounding them
- Better than soapstone whiskey rocks which are heavy, cannot be used in the dishwasher, have to be frozen for around 4 hrs before usage, can crack, break and do not get nearly as cold  ice cube


Instruction for Using: 

1. Please wash them before using.
2. Put the stones into the pouch before putting into the freezer.
3. After 4 (or more) hours, take them out and place stones into the glass.
4. Wash again and keep them into the freezer .

Product Name Stainless Steel Whiskey Stones
size 36x29x22 mm
 Color Natural Stainless Steel or Gold
Material Outside is #304 stainless steel. The liquid inside containing water(74.8%), glycerol(23%) and other food grade chemical elemens(2.2%).
Certificate FDA & LFGB
Lead Time 10-15 days
Usage: promotion, chilling drinks, gifts
Packing Wooden box, magnetic box, CMYK box or other kinds of custom gift box
Weight 25g/pc

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