Eco-friendly and high end whiskey stone Set with metal box

Whiskey stone is a kind of bar and high-grade drinking utensil for household use. The original design was used to freeze whiskey. Because ice melts and dilutes, people use “whiskey stone” instead of ice. Before drinking, they first put whisky stone in the freezer, then put it in the glass and pour it into the whiskey, which will be protected. Keep the original flavor of the juice and lower the temperature to bring a cool taste.Apart from whiskey,whisky stone can be put in other spirits, cocktails, drinks and herbal tea.Ice tartar has the advantages of non-melting, reusable, non-diluting flavor, fast freezing speed, ready-to-use and so on.

1.How to use?

  • 1.Please wash before using
  • 2.Place the stone inside the bag into the freezer for 4-hour before use
  • 3.Once chilled place stone in glass
  • 4. wash again and keep into freezer . 

2.Why whiskey stones?

  • 1.Cool idea, cool gift.
  • 2.Bring a mellow chill to the drink.
  • 3.Chill whisky and spirits without diluting.
  • 4.The stone is soft and the edges are rounded, preventing scratching.
  • 5.The stone don”t add any flavors or smells